Unique Diwali Shayari, Wishes, SMS and Greetings For 2018 For You

Diwali is one of the biggest, auspicious and most favorite festival in our India. Diwali also known as Deepawali (Festival Of Light). This year diwali will be celebrate on november 7.

In this festival we all be together, exchange gifts and spend time with great fun. We also wish our friends and all family members to spread the joy and happiness with them. For this here I am sharing with you the best diwali shayari 2018 in hindi and english language.So don’t hesitate to share this happiness of joy to to make your friends and others life more beautiful.

Unique Diwali Shayari, Wishes, SMS and Greetings For 2018 For You
Unique Diwali Shayari, Wishes, SMS and Greetings For 2018 For You


Happy Diwali Wishes, Greetings 2018 in English:-

  • May all these fireworks shed all your troubles, struggles and sorrows, and may these illuminate your life with happiness, success, joy and peace on this beautiful Diwali. Happy Diwali wishes for you and for all of your dear ones!
  • May the heaven Lighting of Diwali Spread out to your
    Life, wealth, joy and Good Health.
    May the charm
    Of Diwali year
    Fill up your home with
    full of Happiness,
    And may the coming year
    present you along with all of
    Which give you happiness!
  • May the Goddess Maa Lakshmi bless you and give you strength to be powerful in whatever you do. Have a great Happy Diwali 2018 for you and your dearloved ones!
  • Diwali is the time to lamp the diyas,
    fire up the rockets and light crackers,
    But it’s also the ocassion to be secure,
    In the fireworks and the sparklers.
  • Through the light of diyas/candles and the echoes of the mantras, may the wealth and health of the festival of lights fulfill our own lives. Wishing you and your family members a very happy and vibrant Diwali!
  • Thanks for the modest and wealth that you get into my lives. Have a very cheerful Diwali!
    Diwali evening is filled up with lamps, may your life be filled up with lights and colors of peace.
  • Moments of seconds we celebrated together with each other……. Times that were connected in my heart and soul, for life……. Make me Miss You a lot on this Deepavali. Wish that, this Diwali festival gives Good luck & a lot of Happiness to you! HAPPY DIWALI 2 U.
  • Don’t let the darkness of yesterday ruin the sun of future. Live life for present.
  • Sending this SMS contains a Diwali wish & bless,
    That is made by text from my heart & soul
    Designed with my true love for you
    Spreads out my blessings !!!
    Happy Diwali 2018!

Romantic Diwali Shayari 2018:-

  • Chal do diye jalte hai diwali ke,
    Jo ek duje ke paas ho,
    Ek ka matlab mohabbat ho hamari
    Or ek ka matlab hamara sath ho
  • Diwali pe tum khushiya khub manana,
    Meri koi bat buri lagi ho to ose dil se mitaana.
    Hum intezaar karege tumhara,
    Aaker bas ek diya mere sath jalana
  • Rangolee ke rang jes,
    bhaar jay rang tumhari jindagee meen.
    roshanee hotee hai deevaalee par jitanee,
    utanee khusheeya ho tumher jivan meen.
  • Diwali shaam tera intazaar rahega,
    ma dil beqaraar rahega.
    dekhaloo bas tum ko
    tabhee tyauhaar mera deevaalee ka tyauhaar rahega..
  • Diwali Shaam tere intezaar rahe ga,
    Mera dil bekara rahe ga.
    Dekhlon bas tum ko,
    Tabhi tyohar mere liye diwali ka tyohar rahega.

Funny Diwali Shayari 2018 in Hindi:-

  • Diwali Par Sky Saja do
    Fireworks Se Dhoom Macha Do!!
    Happy Diwali To All!!
  • Khoob mithe mithe pakawan khayen,
    sehat main chaar chaand lagayen,
    log to sirph chaand tak gaya hain,
    aap us se bhee upar jayen,
    diwali ki shubhakamanaye
  • Agar “Patakha” aur “Pjuljhadi” sun kar
    ap ke deemag me pahali image DIWALI ki aati hai to…
    Mubarak ho…ap ki soch achhi hai
  • Vagawan ka diya hua sab kuchh hai…
    daulat hai, shoharat hai,
    ijjat hai,
    par diwali ki chhuti nahin hai

New diwali shayari of 2018:-

  • Diyon kee roshanee se jhilamilata aangan ho..
    pataakhon kee goonjo se aasamaan roshan ho..
    aisee aae jhoom ke yah deevaalee..
    har taraph kushiyon ka mausam ho
  • Deepavali ka ye paavan tyonhar,
    jeevan mee laaye khushiyaaya apaar,
    lakshmee jee viraaje aapake dvaar,
    shubhakaamanaayin hamaree kareen sveekar …
    deepaavalee kee haardik shubhakaamanaayin
  • Jagamag jalanee i soondar deep,
    charon taraph raushanee hee raushanee ho,
    meree hai duha yahee, aane vaalee divaalee
    honthon par aapake haradam hasee hee hasee ho
    happy diwali
  • Andhera hua door raat ke saath
    nayee subah aayee divaalee leke saath
    ab aankhne kholo dekho ek mashg aayee hai
    diwali kee subah kaamana saath laayee hai.

Hope you have enjoyed these collection of diwali shayari, quotes and greetings of 2018. Now share and spread this love with everyone. Happy diwali to you too.

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